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thanks all for the #slideshare conversation, most enlightening #prprochat


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so you can use #slideshare as content curator as well? it doesn’t always have to be original content. #prprochat

Invest in Yourself

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There’s investing in yourself in terms of finances, making sound decisions that will secure your financial wellbeing for now and in the future. There is also investing in yourself in terms your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing to make sure that you continue to give out to the best of your ability, at work and at home. A quick visit to gives the following definitions for the word invest:

  1. to use, give, or devote (time, talent, etc.), as for a purpose or to achieve something
  2. to furnish with power, authority, rank,
  3. to endow with a quality or characteristic

All of these descriptions have this in common, the underlying connotation is that something must be put in (furnish, endow, give) in order to yield a result (purpose, achievement, authority, characteristic). And an equally important concept to grasp is that all of this is in relation to you, the individual. The kind of investment we are talking about here is the kind that only you can do for yourself because the results will not nearly be as grand should it come from someone/somewhere else. In fact, in most instances you find that the results often leave you feeling like an empty shell. Why? Because the level of commitment coming from outside sources doesn’t begin to measure up to what you would bring to the table for yourself. The same can be said for the interest – you cannot seriously expect someone else to care about you more than you do, even those who love you.

Even so, this is an important concept to grasp because that is where a lot of people fall short. It is either they invest absolutely nothing at all, and guess what comes out? Or they willingly abdicate the responsibility to others, hoping and expecting to get plentiful returns. Often, this is because they are daunted by the responsibility or they are caught in the grasp of that very evil demon, fear. Sometimes it can even be a case of complacency which is governed by I-give-so-much-to-everything/one-else-there’s-really-nothing-left-over-for-me thinking. Those are the ones who are usually almost always tired and bored. Those are the ones who can also keep going and going, with increasing effort, until they find themselves in the midst of a breakdown in the form of depression or physical illness, for example.

Why is it so important that we take time out to invest in ourselves?

  • Replenish – for the simple reason that we need to make full, or complete, what is lacking. The amount of emotional, mental and physical energy we spend at work, for our kids, family etc, has got to be replaced somewhere, somehow. This becomes especially critical when we have gone a long while without replenishing, and we are now functioning on the proverbial petrol fumes.
  • Balance out with other life things – one of nature’s laws is for all things to be in a state of equilibrium in order to function at optimal levels for prolonged periods. If we keep dumping garbage on the planet and constantly take out the good stuff, we’ll eventually be left with an unmanageable mess. If we continue to brew toxins in our body, neglecting to cleanse, the body collapses. If we don’t balance out the energy we expend with some good, wholesome energy intake, we’re in trouble.
  • Putting you first – if you don’t who will? Whose responsibility is it to see to it that you are well nourished, rested, emotionally and mentally stable? Only you can know where the most pressing needs are and can therefore prioritise accordingly. Others will prioritise according to what’s important and what matters to them, leaving you in a vicious cycle of energy depletion.
  • Growth & development – nobody enjoys being stuck in the same rut indefinitely. That’s what happens when you don’t make an effort to learn to approach and deal with things differently; you keep making the same mistakes.

Tomorrow we talk about Top 8 things to do to fill your self investment portfolio.

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